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It is easy to sell a project, but it is more difficult to start a project!

PLANNING & Technology
Preparing complete production plans

  • We offer all instructions, descriptions, detailed information, quality control, laboratory work … to know complete working process – from raw material to finished products.
  • We help you in applying to official institutions MOH (Ministry of Health) for the necessary licenses and for significant certificates. (E.g. WHO, ISO 13485, CE Mark, US - FDA).
  • This planning includes the introducing of suppliers for raw materials, operating materials, packing, sterilization, etc.


We offer you complete wide range of machines for sutures factories lines (Assembly and production) from famous and experienced machines manufacturers.

  • Production:   Catgut Suture
                     Sheep gut Cleaning unit
                     Sheep gut Splitting horn
                     Sheep gut Splitting Machine
                     Spindle - Polishing Machine
                     Spindle - Twisting Machine
                     Center less Polishing Machine
                     Hand Twisting Apparatus
                     Re – Des liming Machine
                     Dosing Machine

                     Silk & Polyester suture
                     Weaver (loom) Machines
                     Twisting or Braiding Machine

                     Nylon Suture
                     Extruder Machine
                     Sheep gut Splitting Machine
                     Spindle - Polishing Machine
                     Spindle - Twisting Machine
                     Center less Polishing Machine

  • Assembly:   Automatic, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and manual Machines
                    Mono Winder (Monofilament suture cutter)
                    Rack   Winder (Braided or twisted suture cutter)
                    Attaching Machine (Drilled – end needle) & Dies
                    Tipping solutions

  • Packing:   Figure “8 “packing machine (Cardboard – PVC Folder)
                 One side seal machine
                 Three side seal machine (Foil – Paper – Film)
                 Four side seal machine (Foil – Paper – Film - Blister)
  • Printing:   Ink Jet printer

            Laser printer

  • Labeling: 

    Full Automatic Label machine

  • Sterilization: 

    Full Automatic ETO Sterilizer machines with variety chambers

  • Quality control: 

    Test Puller

    Plug gauges

    Automatic Tensile testing machine

  • Microbiological Laboratory:

    In house Sterility Testing

Building Construction

We offer you all layouts and plans including Soil mechanics results, Architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, according necessary requirements and standards.

Clean room, the manufacturing environment must be controlled and maintained strictly at Class 10000 particle count. Other parameters, e.g. Temperature, humidity, and pressure are controlled as necessary.

Start Up

The supplied equipment is assembled and put into operation. During this period, your technicians are instructed on how to operate and regularly maintain the machines.

After – sales Service

All of machines and their spare parts carry a minimum guarantee of 3 years.

In case of emergency, we offer technical support.